Working in the future: How XR will change the game

12:00 pm

Working in the future: How XR will change the game

Virtual reality’s past has been riddled with challenges: the technology was hyped up to levels that were not sustainable given how little processing power and infrastructure was available to support the vast expectations of it. This was exacerbated by mainstream media through film and television that portrayed virtual reality as a technology of limitless potential, transporting us to worlds that were not possible to create at the time.

Nowadays, virtual reality (VR), along with its sister technology, augmented reality (AR), has returned to the spotlight once again amidst a digital technology revolution that has seen processing power increase exponentially alongside an equivalent decrease in cost. The hardware has become more affordable, the software more impactful, creating a package that has attracted consumers and businesses alike.

And, indeed, businesses in every single industry all over the world have invested in these two technologies (collectively referred to as ‘XR’) because they drive powerful business results: creating new revenue channels, increasing the impact of training programmes, improving the way we work remotely, and more.

In this talk, I will take you along XR’s journey, revealing case studies and data from numerous industries and academic institutions that show why XR is such a powerful business tool. We will acknowledge the past, dive deep into the present day potential, and look to the future to prepare for what is on the horizon in terms of where this technology is going.

Along the way, we will dispel many myths about the technology including the perception that it is only for gaming and entertainment, discuss the challenges that still remain in order to reach a wider audience, and build the case for why you too should be thinking about XR.